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Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear
- CM [Paid] katie0513 - Chibi (lining)
- CM [Paid] Frosty-Finchie-flame - x4 chibi characters (done!), Drusilla's age reference (not started)


♡ Not taking requests.
♡ Ask for art trades.
♡ (CLOSED for Points / OPEN for Paypal)
Commission: Points / Paypal

|| OTHERS ||

- Re-vamp application for Natsugaoka-High working on
- Work on Wordpress profile.
- Gallery icons.
- Page-dolls.
- ETC. [TBA]

Last updated: February 2nd.


Vintage Lace Heart Icon 02 by GasaraCURRENTLY P L A Y I N G:

AMNESIA: Memories

:bulletred: SHIN [100% route done] CGs completed.
:bulletyellow: TOMA [100% route done] CGs completed.
:bulletblue: IKKI [100% route done] CGs completed.
:bulletgreen: KENT [100% route done] CGs completed.
:bulletpurple: UKYO [100% route done] CGs completed.

[Short Stories]
- SHIN: [done]
- TOMA: [done]
- IKKI: [done]
- KENT: [done]
- UKYO: [done]


*updated: January 26th. 10:36PM


:bulletyellow: TOMA [Completed] Acquired CG.
:bulletred: SHIN: [in progress]
:bulletblue: IKKI: - -
:bulletgreen: KENT: - -
:bulletpurple: UKYO: - -

WAKA: - -
SAWA: - -
MINE: - -
RIKA: - -

:bulletyellow: TOMA [Completed] Acquired CGs.
:bulletred: SHIN - -
:bulletblue: IKKI - -
:bulletgreen: KENT - -
:bulletpurple: UKYO - -

*updated: February 4th. 10:15PM

Glass Heart Princess: PLATINUM

:bulletblack: Masaki Shinnosuke [in progress 21%]
:bulletblue: Karasuma Yukito
:bulletorange: Asahina Tenma
:bulletgreen: Hoshino Kanata

:bulletpurple: Doumyouji Gai

:bulletblack: Masaki Shinnosuke [in progress 48%]
:bulletblue: Karasuma Yukito
:bulletorange: Asahina Tenma
:bulletgreen: Hoshino Kanata

:bulletpurple: Doumyouji Gai

:bulletblack::bulletblue: Shinnosuke & Yukito
:bulletorange::bulletgreen: Tenma & Kanata
:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Shinnosuke & Kanata
:bulletblue::bulletorange: Yukito & Tenma
:bulletblack::bulletorange: Shinnosuke & Tenma
:bulletblue::bulletgreen: Shinnosuke & Kanata

:bulletblack: Masaki Shinnosuke
:bulletblue: Karasuma Yukito
:bulletorange: Asahina Tenma
:bulletgreen: Hoshino Kanata

:bulletpurple: Doumyouji Gai

- -

RE: Birthday Song ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~

:bulletorange: SYUN [100% done] CGs completed.
:bulletgreen: AME [in progress 30%]
:bulletyellow: KAIRI
:bulletblue: YORU

:bulletblack: NAMI-sensei [not unlocked yet]

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 02 by GasaraCURRENTLY W A T C H I N G:


- Norn9
- Prince of Stride: Alternative
- Btooom!!
- Strike the Blood
- Ore Monogatari!!
- Fairy Tail
- Haikyuu!! S2


- Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
- Tomb Raider
- Azzman: Yandere Simulator, Corpse Party: Blood Drive
- Markiplier: Random vids
- Jacksepticeye: Undertale, random vids

Stamps that I love

SuzuKen fan stamp 2 (request) by Tsukii-h0shiiMorikubo Showtaro fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiHino Satoshi fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiShimazaki Nobunaga fan stamp (request) by Tsukii-h0shiiSeiyuu - Ishida Akira by PataphyxKamiya Hiroshi fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiOnoD fan stamp 2 (request) by Tsukii-h0shiiSakurai Takahiro fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiTerashima Takuma fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiYonaga Tsubasa fan stamp (request) by Tsukii-h0shiiEguchi Takuya fan stamp (request) by Tsukii-h0shiiKimura Ryohei fan stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiSuzuki Tatsuhisa fan stamp 2 (RQ) by Tsukii-h0shii
Midorikawa Hikaru fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiToriumi Kousuke fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiOkamoto Nobuhiko fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiKaji Yuki fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shii
Mamoru Miyano fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shiiKakihara Tetsuya fangirl gif by Tsukii-h0shiiOkamoto Nobuhiko fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shii

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvyTrace don't post Stamp by FuriouslyFurryArt thief beating stick stamp by raynubuDont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsXD Stamp by MimiMarieT. Drawing is living stamp . by TheArtaStamp- Drawing Addict by Xenelle'Notes make me feel special' stamp by SynfullDont steal my art by Wolven-SisterIt's in my head, I swear by AssClownFishMusic Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteLove to make OCs by railaI flip my pillow -stamp- by SassenCoincidence? by pixelworldsCaramelldansen Maniac Stamp by HeruNoTenchiOMG Stamp by KleepaaDemyx: Silence Traitor Stamp by LenaLawlietmaster stamp by ryazakuImmature humor stamp by LillHannaPSYCHO GROUPIE COCAINE CRAZY by RobotMaster3Voices 3 by Shadow252525Stamp - Support. by BowChickaBowWowNot Looking Dance Stamp by saviviStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX+Anti-dub Stamp+ by dantesgirlSTOOPID stamp by inkscripterLife needs... by IshdakittyNormal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylastwtf? by truckstopswake up STAMP by peterdzignBoyfriend Stamp by Ignacia.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotDon't ask stamp by izka197Stripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltondifference by KewlinkI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDosupport cute art stamp :3 by Sweet-DooDoDrawing Stamp by Birdie121OC's and Clothes... by LeafingOC Stamp by ChibiGem.: Stamps OC :. by SeppyoShonen Jump stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsSupport canon and canonxoc by animealwaysWhen I work Stamp by waterfish5678901Raise your hand... by Crystal-ArtistThe Fav Stamp by BusirisI really do too .u. by RebiValeska

Erio Stamp by LaraLeeLKawaii Stamp by LaraLeeLGareki by LaraLeeLYogi Stamp by LaraLeeLVampire Knight Stamp by LaraLeeL

Free! Stamp: Chibi Haruka by wow1076Free! Stamp: Chibi Nagisa by wow1076Free! Stamp: Chibi Makoto by wow1076Free! Stamp: Chibi Rei by wow1076
Glasses Nagisa stamp by upuiFree! Stamp: Nagisa Eating by wow1076
Kou - Must Not Look by NileyJoyrus14Free! Stamp: Gou 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Rei 3 by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka And Makoto by wow1076Free! Stamp: Makoto 3 by wow1076
Free! Stamp: Nagisa by wow1076Free! Stamp: Makoto by wow1076

Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-NutkaseSword Art Online: Kirito Stamp 2 by The-NutkaseOtoya Ittoki Stamp by TokiyaLuvahOtoya Ittoki Fangirl Stamp by TokiyaLuvahIttoki Otoya Stamp 3 by LucarityUtapri Stamp - Starish VS AllStar Handsome Rivalry by TenshiNoFuuReiji Stamp II by KabehchetRanmaru Stamp II by KabehchetAi Stamp by KabehchetCamus Stamp by KabehchetUta No Prince-Sama Stamp: Natsuki by wow1076

Rin is so Cute by VAL0VEAoEx - Kuro Stamp by KumoriDragon
Stamp: Fire vs Ice by uzukun89Stamp: Gray is Embarrassed by uzukun89
Houtarou Oreki FAN by ChiisanaHoshiKHR- Hibari stamp by Kaze-yoStamp Hibird by Hibird-clubOrihara Izaya Stamp by ReverieSummonerHeiwajima Shizuo Stamp by ReverieSummonerKouxFutaba FAN by ChiisanaHoshiKou/Futaba FAN by ChiisanaHoshi
Crazy Sasuke fangirl by RockRaven-LGCrazy Naruto fangirl by RockRaven-LGi love AU sasuke Stamp by SakamakiJustineAkatsuki stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowClueless Naruto Stamp by rainbowramen321'I Love Original Team 7' Stamp by cheezkitJust friends - Naruto Stamp by KaorulovNaruto lover - Stamp by KaorulovSasuko 01 by DoctorMLoliNeko Sasuke by suigrell

My Loves#

"Yeah... I'm not alone anymore."
- Cloud Strife

"What you need and everything you feel is just a question of the deal."
- Noctis Lucis Caelum

"If we can make it back to the real world, I'll find you and fall in love with you all over again."

"When I began thinking of him as I fell asleep, I stopped having nightmares. I began to look forward to seeing him. For the first time since I arrived here, I was happy."
- Yuuki Asuna

"Everybody loves somebody."

"I hope you are prepared.♡"

“I used to tease you and say you'd be cuter if you were quiet, but now that you actually are, it's a little troubling.”

"I don't want to see you cry. I don't want to see you sad or suffer either. I always want to see you smile and I want to make you smile. So for the purpose, I don't mind if you hate me, that's what I decided, but, it hurts."
- Toma



Thank you for visiting my page!

Hoped you enjoyed your visit!♥

Are you the type of person who likes to play their favorite character(s): 

4 deviants said FIRST because I need my feels to get out of the way-- :iconpapmingplz:
2 deviants said Imma save the BEST for LAST. :icondatassplz:


So many things to do- AGHHHHHHHHHHH.
Man, seeing a lot of beautiful and heart-touching artworks makes me want to draw so much for what I've been feeling for the past months...but why can't I?
AMNESIA: Memories
I am finally done with everything. I love it when they gave me 2 images for completing all the CGs! Boy, did Ukyo have a lot of BAD ENDs. One of them was Toma locking me up in his cage so that no one else would hurt me...foreverrrrrr...I'm scared of him now. 

Life lesson learned. "Do not tell a Yandere straight up when something bad happened to you. They will lure you into their trap and will keep you in forever."

But I still love him though! He needs real love anyway. qq 

So since that is out of the way! I'm continuing with the series! Which means, Imma move to my PSP. FINALLY. Even though I'll have troubles trying to understand everything -cries- Bleh, whatever! I'm playing through Toma's route first. <3
AMNESIA: Memories
Waka subscribed to a magazine that has Ukyo's pictures on them. Thing is, he is intrigued with Ukyo's pictures. Instead, he made up a "fact" that his grandfather told him about the magazine and how much he enjoyed photographs. So, Waka was never interested in it and brushed it off. The other day, his grandfather passed away and he decided to pay his respects by reading the magazine in his place. Then he says HE'S LYING.

I even fell for it too- THANKS A LOT, WAKA.
AMNESIA: Memories
Currently on Ukyo's route. Finished Kent's own, yay!
Everyone is working in the shop. Woah.


Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228

Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228 Clouds and Stars Divider by lexypuppy228
This is amazing! Can't wait for August. <3 I really need to buy a PS Vita



last updated: February 7. 1:25PM

- My two favorite Youtubers so far.
- You'll love them forever and ever.

>> Oh my gosh. An extra ball. xDDD

>>"She'd be really good at twerkin'!"

>> Watch from the beginning:…

melody box#

Music notes by KibasGirlyGirl Music notes by KibasGirlyGirl Music notes by KibasGirlyGirl

Blue Headphones Divider :FREE: by Heatphones

I'll be sharing tracks of my favorite songs. -
Will be updating weekly...or whenever. -
[ Last Updated: Jan. 19th ]


How are you doing? <3 We should have an art trade sometime! I would love to do one with ya!
Thu Dec 31, 2015, 6:55 AM
i miss to talking to you too :hug:
Wed Dec 30, 2015, 6:52 AM
Oh, hey! What's up nao-chan!? I miss talking to ya! :huggle:
Mon Dec 28, 2015, 8:43 PM
hello! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡
Mon Dec 28, 2015, 8:47 AM
Tue Oct 6, 2015, 5:39 AM


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